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7th-Nov-2014 01:48 am - [sticky post] Masterlist


Day 1: November 6, 2014

Reveries of You [Part 1] [Part 2] written for appletease | R | 14025 words
Divine Providence written for psharp10 | PG13 | 8908 words
Chasing After You written for subduedblue | PG13 | 3789 words

Day 2: November 7, 2014

Sugar and Spice written for raaamyun | PG13 | 2267 words
You Can Pull Me Under written for torakiss | PG13 | 9065 words
Change Your Mind written for lielee | PG13 | 5476 words

Day 3: November 8, 2014

Leave The Reins Inside written for krishoislove | PG13 | 7584 words
My Master, My Cruel Lover written for asaku_ | R | 2610 words
A Royale Treatment: An EXO-Force Story written for tarofroyo| NC17 | 7541 words

Day 4: November 9, 2014

The Finest Flower written for sungun0506 | PG13 | 2505 words
Falling for You Today written for skyroll | PG13 | 4836 words
A Walk to Remember [Part 1] [Part 2] written for wumyeons | PG13 | 14596 words

Day 5: November 10, 2014

Don't Stop Believing (In Our Love) [Part 1] [Part 2] written for leejaeyoung | NC17 | 10192 words
Call It Magic written for everyone | PG13 | 7045 words
Of Headlines and Second Chances [Part 1] [Part 2] written for queenofhunter93 | PG13 | 16261 words

Day 6: November 11, 2014

Immaculate Peacekeeper written for everyone | R | 8.500+ words
Following The Map That Leads to You written for nappeungijibe | PG-13 | 4215 words
The Fight For You is All I've Ever Known [Part 1] [Part 2] written for marishiny | PG | 11.714 words

Day 7: November 12, 2014

2 centimeters written for bluedreaming | PG | 3012 words
Love is An Open Door written for subduedblue(2) | PG13 | 3937 words
Web of Night written for everyone | R | 3238 words

Day 8: November 13, 2014

Bury My Love in The Stardust written for everyone | PG13 | 9220 words
Over Their Dead Bodies written for everyone | G | 6640 words
The Mourning Forest written for everyone | PG13 | 2833 words
Come Home written for everyone | PG13 | 2212 words
14th-Nov-2014 10:07 pm - Gratitude Post: Round 2014
Few Words From Mods

Mod J

Hello, this is mod J, also known as Laughingvirus on AFF and LJ! My twitter is Unicornsparklll if anyone wants to talk!
It’s been superfun to host this exchange, even though my studies did get in the way and I couldn’t do much sometimes. I really want to make a round 2015 of AFA so, if anyone’s interested, raise your hand!
I want to thank everyone that participated, thank you so much for being such good participants, being on time and asking for extensions. I had so much fun reading all your fics, you’re all great writers so KEEP IT UP!

But most of all, I want to thank my co-mods, K and Y! Let’s give Y a round of applause for taking initiative to create this exchange! It’s been great working with you guys and I’m happy we got to know each other during these months with AFA. Let’s do it again!

So yes, uh, thank you so much again. I hope we get to see you again if AFA has a round: 2015! :D

Mod K

안녕! Mod K here. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the exchange by writing, commenting, tweeting, or just by simply reading! I hope everyone enjoyed the fics. Lastly, my other mo co-mods for being such wonderful and patient people.

If anyone wants to talk to me, you could throw me a message at my livejournal account: thiswintersky or tumblr account:19thelement.

To the next round of the exchange! Spread that Krisho love!

Mod Y

For me this fic exchange has been some impulsive moves turned out alright. I was crying/not so literally/ over my broken otp some months ago, and would’ve moved on if certain Kim Junmyeon didn’t say that his ideal type( suddenly changed from long-haired literature girl) is alien (yeah, you broke me bro).

I would like to deliver my greatest gratitude to all krisho shippers(writers, readers, anyone who love krisho) for supporting this exchange. Especially all the participants and pinch-hitters, it would not happen without you guys. Also, many many thanks to other exchanges who has been supporting us from the beginning.

Words can’t express my gratitude for my fellow mods J and K. Both of you came to me and save me from everything happened while we mod. Thank you for J who is always more patient than me and calms me down. Thank you for K who is neater than me and always takes her time to make sure I do my best in everything. Saranghae mi amigas!

I also would like to apologize for any inconveniences I caused during modding. I hope everyone could forgive me. Last but not least, thank you to my otp Kris and Suho. It maybe weird because I’m thanking krisho for ruining my heart everytime, but yeah, I don’t regret ever becoming a Krisho shipper. See you all next time ^^
14th-Nov-2014 06:55 pm - Reveals: Round 2014

Here are the reveals!
Thank you for everyone who participated in this exchange in any way :D
Did you get your guess right?

REVEALSCollapse )
13th-Nov-2014 09:54 pm - Come Home
Come Home

Written for everyone

Prompt: My Love from the Stars!au [Though I kinda feel I didn’t really followed it ;; Sorry for butchering a very wonderful series.]

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2,212 words

Summary: Sometimes, home is kilometers away. For Yifan the distance is measured in light years. Junmyeon makes him realize that he was wrong – it was just right here.


First, I would like to thank Y and J for being here through all this and being patient with me and my caffeine drunk behavior. Second, thank you everyone for participating and enjoying this exchange. I hope you guys enjoy this little thing I wrote. Third, this is for Addie and Ezrae who would always make me feel like I’m home.

Also, I made a playlist to accompany this fanfic. It would be really nice if you listen to it while reading or after doing so. Here it is: Come Home.

Again, enjoy.

”Your face looks so big in that billboard.”Collapse )
13th-Nov-2014 07:06 pm - The Mourning Forest
Title: The Mourning Forest

Written for everyone

Prompt: None

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Mention of suicide and blood, slight mention of homophobic environment, girl!junmyeon

Word Count:2833 words

Summary: There was a myth about the Mourning Forest. About undying love which asked for thousand sacrifices

Message: Thank you to my beloved betas who were there, holding my hands through this exchange. Thank you to someone who gave me enough krisho supplies while I wrote my fics. I hope everyone would enjoy this!

The fog and darkness masked the pebble road from Junhee’s sight. Collapse )
13th-Nov-2014 06:59 pm - Over Their Dead Bodies
Over Their Dead Bodies

Written for everyone

Prompt: None

Rating: G

Warnings: extreme fluff and cheesiness, with a dash of true love

Word Count:6640 words

Summary: It was Yifan's first time visiting Joonmyeon's family house and meeting with his brothers that clearly don't like him.

Message: None

Yifan grabs Joonmyeon's right hand by the wrist, stopping the beautiful male from walking and shakes his head when Joonmyeon turned to face him.Collapse )
13th-Nov-2014 06:55 pm - Bury My Love in The Stardust
Bury My Love In The Stardust

Written for everyone

Prompt: Kris and Junmyeon grow up in a rough area, Junmyeon eventually becomes a singer and Kris grows up to become a criminal.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: angst, non-linear, lapslock

Word Count: 9220 words

Summary: yifan is a criminal, but junmyeon is his saving grace.

Message: the title of this is based on lyrics from jaymes young’s song called moondust and the song itself was a big inspiration for this fic. this is by far the longest fic i have ever written. it was such a challenge for me to complete and it made me realize a lot of things about myself as a writer (aka further confirmation that i am terrible at writing). i sincerely hope that the receiver likes this fic and if there is something included here that you do not like, i apologize. thank you for such a nice prompt!

yifan hops over the fence easily, landing sturdily on both of his feet and with minimal noise. Collapse )
12th-Nov-2014 07:10 pm - Web of Night
Web of Night

Written for everyone

Prompt: Angel/Demon AU where Junmyeon is a demon who has his eyes in super strict angel Yifan.

Rating: R

Warnings: mentions of drug use, facial

Word Count:3238 words

Summary: one day, junmyeon dies. since he can't really go anywhere, he gets a second chance to live - but at a cost to pay.

Message: hello, prompter! i hope you enjoy this <3 also please forgive me, i know nothing about basketball u__u

angels don't necessarily have wings, and demons don't necessarily have horns.Collapse )
12th-Nov-2014 07:02 pm - Love is An Open Door
Love is An Open Door

Written for subduedblue

Prompt: Suho is a door to door salesman who frequently makes his rounds in Kris' neighborhood. Kris always buys everything Suho sells because he can't say no to him.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Some swearing.

Word Count:3937words

Summary: Suho is a door to door salesman who frequently makes his rounds in Kris' neighborhood. Kris always buys everything Suho sells because he can't say no to him.

Message: I wish I had time to write all your (really cute) prompts. Hope you enjoy =)

At 7:00 AM, the potted-plant alarm clock on Kris’ bedside came alive, jolting Kris out of a pleasant dream. Collapse )
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