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My Master, My Cruel Lover

My Master, My Cruel Lover

Written for asaku_

Prompt: Yifan is the heir of the mysterious mafia gang. Such position would end up causing him to have to kidnap someone who is very important (Suho). Along the way, Suho would develop a case of Stockholm syndrome.

Rating: R

Warnings: non-consensual sex (sort of??), slight violence (not much except for gagging, binding wrists and blindfolding tbh), orgasm denial (also handcuffs), lapslock (bc i'm lazy)

Word Count:2610 words

Summary: raising his eyebrow once more, the man answers joonmyun, "because i intend to make full use of you. killing you is no fun when there are so many other things i can do with you. do to you."

Message: hello prompter~ i hope you aren't too disappointed with this fic? i tried to stick to the prompt and make the best out of it. the ending may seem a bit incomplete, but i think it leaves more to reader's imagination - although i'd like to expand and explore this universe sometime in the future maybe. i also hope you don't mind the rating and nothing really bothers you much in the warnings - i know the noncon sex can be a problem, but since you asked for stockholm syndrome, i've done my take - sort of - on it so hopefully it isn't too uncomfortable to read ;;; thank you for the prompts and i hope you enjoy the fic ^^ ((ps - title taken from taemin's song "거절할게 (wicked)"~))

joonmyun feels like puking. the smoke in the room is burning his throat but he's unable to cough due to the gag that's been in his mouth for the past five hours - at least five hours. joonmyun can barely remember how much time it's been since he'd been kidnapped and pushed and driven around all over seoul. or well, joonmyun guesses that he's still in seoul.

the blindfold from his eyes is removed and he closes his eyes immediately, feeling the harsh brightness of the light in the room. after a few seconds pass, he opens his eyes, blinking quickly to adjust to the sudden change. he looks around, taking in his surroundings.

there's a man with angry eyebrows sitting in front of him, another two tall guys standing on either side of him and a few scattered around the room. joonmyun's pushed down on to his knees by a man who stands next to him. he winces when his knees hit the hard, marble floor - that's going to leave some bruises.

turning his gaze back to the man in front of him, he slightly curls into himself when he notices the expression on the man's face. joonmyun doesn't know what he could've done to have caused such displeasure to the man.

"you're really lucky kim joonmyun. did you know that?" it's the man who's sitting in front of joonmyun who speaks up, raising an eyebrow. his voice is deep and he sounds like he's taunting and mocking joonmyun.

"i- i am?" joonmyun cringes at how weak and scared he sounds, stuttering and tripping over his words.

the man chuckles and then smirks. "i could have killed you easily."

"then why haven't you?" joonmyun questions, sighing mentally when his voice doesn't waver much this time.

raising his eyebrow once more, the man answers joonmyun, "because i intend to make full use of you. killing you is no fun when there are so many other things i can do with you. do to you."

and okay, that's scary as fuck. joonmyun admits that and the shiver of fear that runs down his spine at the man's words.

"w- what do you mean?" joonmyun doesn't pay much attention to how he stutters now.

"do you really want to know?" the man asks, the smirk is still resting on his face and it's creeping joonmyun out.

"i- i," joonmyun doesn't really have an answer to that. he wants to say 'no' but he can't push away the small flare of curiosity that has risen inside of him either.

"jongin," the man's gaze shifts to one of the guys who stands next to him. "take him to the master bedroom."

jongin's tall and lean, he's got a dark look in his eyes and he looks scary despite of his boyish face. jongin nods and follows the order he's given. he walks towards joonmyun and roughly grabs the captive by his arm.

he pulls joonmyun up and without giving joonmyun enough time to respond, jongin drags him out of the room and down a hallway. wherever they are, it's a well looked after place, that much joonmyun can make out.

the floors are clean and the decor is minimal. jongin stops in front of a door and punches in a code to unlock it.

the automated lock beeps and a small green light flashes. jongin pushes open the door and shoves joonmyun inside.

"undress yourself and lie down on the bed," jongin's voice is smooth and strong, his words sound more like a command than a request - which it probably is.

"wh- what?" joonmyun can't help but question, although he sort of expected this when the man, whom he guess was the boss, told jongin to take joonmyun to the master bedroom. "why?"

"really?" jongin raises an eyebrow at joonmyun, as if he too knew that joonmyun had seen this coming.

sighing, joonmyun complies, unbuttoning and removing his shirt first. he stops midway through unzipping the zipper of his jeans and looks up.

"can i have some privacy?" he asks, which is returned with another raised eyebrow and a shrug before jongin leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

kicking off his shoes and socks, joonmyun steps out of his jeans and boxers and lies down on the bed. the bed is not so surprisingly comfortable - joonmyun thinks they're egyptian cotton, similar to the sheets he has for his own bed back in his home.

he doesn't have to wait long before the door reopens and the man walks in. he doesn't look at joonmyun, closing the door and removing his suit jacket and tie. he drapes the pieces of clothing over a chair and steps out of his shoes. running a hand through his hair, he finally looks at joonmyun lying naked on the bed, as per his request.

he smiles. "good. you did as you were told. looks like you're still very good at following orders joonmyun. although jongin didn't finish what i told him to do."

the man walks over to joonmyun and the latter tries to cover his body up with the sheets, a late reaction since the man has already seen joonmyun's body. the man shakes his head in disapproval to joonmyun's actions and gently pries off joonmyun's hands from the sheet.

"no covering up. i want you bare and open," the way the man speaks sound so predatory, the look in his eyes adding to the effect. joonmyun doesn't know why he gets aroused by it, he should be scared.

the man bends down and pulls open a drawer, taking out a pair of handcuffs, a bottle of lube and a few square packets of condoms. he keeps the lube and the condoms on the bedside table and picks up the handcuffs. he leans over joonmyun, taking hold of joonmyun's wrists - which joonmyun lets him, without any protest, though joonmyun himself is unsure why there is a lack of protesting - and cuffs his hands together.

when joonmyun hears the click of the handcuffs locking, he feels a switch turn off within himself too. it's as if he forgets who he is and why he is in this room. he forgets that he's been kidnapped and will possibly be killed later on. he forgets that he doesn't know anyone here and that he's being ordered around, that he hasn't really given his consent to any of the people here.

the bed dips when the man sits on the edge of it. he removes his socks and unbuttons the top two buttons of his shirt.

"do you remember me joonmyun?" and now that he mentions it, joonmyun does find the voice to be oddly familiar but he can't think of why - he probably isn't even in the right mindset right now to be thinking of why he finds the man's voice to be familiar.

joonmyun shakes his head, answering "no" to the man's question and the man frowns slightly, before a look of mock disappointment takes over his face.

"ah…i thought you'd remember me joonmyun. guess you're memory isn't as good anymore, or maybe, could it be that you think that i'm not important enough to remember?" the way the man says the last sentence makes it sound like a question, but joonmyun knows better than to answer it. "call me yifan- or better yet, master, when you scream my name later."

joonmyun opens his mouth to say something but nothing comes out, it's as if his voice doesn't work anymore. so he closes his mouth and resorts to watching whatever yifan will do next.

yifan climbs fully onto the bed and easily manhandles joonmyun on to his knees and hands. it's a very vulnerable position for joonmyun and puts everything of his on display. joonmyun knows that in this situation that he is in, he should be feeling exposed and scared. instead he feels at ease and aroused. he wonders if they injected something into him - though he doubts that because he's sure he'd have felt it, even if he was blindfolded and gagged.

the feeling of yifan's large hands running up the back of his thighs pulls joonmyun out of his thoughts. he melts at the touch and bites his lip to keep the whimper from escaping when yifan's fingers lightly flutter across joonmyun's hole.

"let me hear you," yifan commands, his hands now covering each of joonmyun's cheeks.

joonmyun doesn't know how yifan managed to see from his position that joonmyun had been trying to stop the sounds from escaping but he nods anyway, not wanting to know what would happen if he didn't follow yifan's orders.

joonmyun lets the moans and whimpers tumble out of his mouth when he feels yifan's lube-slicked fingers trace his hole. yifan only pushes in one of his fingers at first but it's so big and filling, joonmyun doesn't know how he'll handle more. he keeps a steady pace, thrusting the finger in and out slowly and somewhere in the back of joonmyun's mind, joonmyun wonders why yifan is being so nice, being almost gentle. joonmyun was expecting much worse.

yifan manages to find joonmyun's prostate by the time he is three fingers deep in joonmyun and he then abuses the spot, repeatedly pushing at the bundle of nerves to get joonmyun writhing in pleasure under his ministrations. he grins when he notices that joonmyun's cock is hard, an angry red color. quietly, he takes a cock ring out of his pants pocket and slips it onto joonmyun's cock.

"wh-" joonmyun gasps out unintelligibly when he feels the cool metal against his erection. "what are you-"

"something to add to my pleasure," yifan's voice is calm and joonmyun doesn't know how he can sound so steady and calm in a situation like this. "and possibly yours too."

joonmyun just gurgles incoherently in reply, unable to think of a response to that. he feels strange at how easily he gives into yifan, how he is able to trust - if that is what he feels - the taller man. yifan grins, looking almost maniacal, and pulls his fingers out, drawing a whine out of joonmyun.

yifan unzips his trousers and pushes them down just until his knees and stands up on his knees on the bed. he's not wearing any boxers so his cock bounces free once his pants are down. joonmyun's gaze falls down and he feels a strange sense of accomplishment when he sees that yifan's hard too. he watches yifan pumps his cock to hardness and then roll a condom down it, lubing it after.

arousal curls inside of joonmyun as he watches yifan lean down and completely cover joonmyun with his body. yifan catches joonmyun's bottom lip between his teeth and pulls at it. with one hand yifan unlocks the handcuffs and positions joonmyun's arms so they are behind his back and then encases his wrists in the handcuffs once again.

joonmyun's cheek is pressed down against the pillow but he's still easily able to watch yifan hold onto his own cock and rub against joonmyun's entrance with it. the smaller man feels impatient and pushes his hips back towards the taller man, and yifan lets out a mocking chuckle in response, pulling his own hips back. joonmyun whines at the lack of contact and yifan shushes him.

"i'm the master here," he whispers harshly into joonmyun's ear, leaning down so that he's covering all of joonmyun's body with his once again. "i control what happens. you take what i give, understand?"

joonmyun lets out a small whimper and nods quickly in response. he feels yifan's grin against his shoulder and then a bite at the same spot, which elicits a groan out of joonmyun.

the pace after that is set fairly quickly, yifan pushes into joonmyun without hesitation and it rips out a scream from joonmyun. yifan doesn't wait for the smaller man to adjust to the sudden size change from three fingers to his cock and instead just starts thrusting shallowly inside of joonmyun.

his hands have a bruising grip on joonmyun's hips as he begins to thrust faster and harder, leaving the smaller man a mess of incoherent mumbles and moans.

joonmyun can feel himself nearing the edge but he can't reach his release due to the ring around his cock. when he feels yifan's ragged breath on his shoulders and the warmth of yifan's release fill up the condom inside of him, he lets out a sob, wanting his own release.

he's already near begging, so when yifan pulls his softening cock out of joonmyun, the smaller man lets go.

"please," he pants as he's repositioned so he's lying on his back. "please please please please."

"what do you want?" yifan asks, grinning and panting softly. his hair is sweaty and some of it falls over his eyes, making him look younger. looking at yifan like that, joonmyun feels a flash of familiarity - it's as if he has seen yifan before.

"master," joonmyun gasps out, clutching at whatever words his mind can remember at the moment. "please let me cum."

"should i?" and yifan's breathing normally now, the grin growing larger on his face as he watches joonmyun's expression turn more and more desperate. he leans down so that his face hovers right over joonmyun's cock and he lets out a breath.

joonmyun gasps at the sensation, arching up to get some kind of contact, some friction, just something.

"m- master," joonmyun's babbling now. "master, please, i'm begging to you master."

"i like the sound of that," yifan drawls. "master."

and then it's as if that's the only word that's coherent and remaining in joonmyun's mind. he repeats it over and over again, hoping that yifan removes the cock ring so that he can cum already. his wish is granted after yifan lightly runs his fingers over the head of his cock a few times, making joonmyun tear up.

when yifan finally removes the cock ring, all it takes is that touch of yifan's fingers against joonmyun's cock and he's coming, arching his back and releasing right over his stomach and some of it catching on the bottom of his chin. joonmyun shakes and gasps, his voice hoarse as he rests back against the bed and wincing when he feels the handcuffs dig into his lower back.

"do you remember me now?" yifan questions him, an eyebrow raised as he pushes his sweaty hair off of his forehead.

joonmyun looks at yifan through his post orgasmic haze and he feels those tugs of familiarity again. and then, when he looks at yifan right in the eyes, he remembers.

he remembers looking at a young boy on a playground, when he himself was no more than 7 or 8 years old. he remembers watching the young boy play basketball with a group of other boys and then he remembers three men dressed in black approaching the young boy and pulling him away from the game. he remembers the young boy protesting but eventually following the men. he remembers not being able to pull his eyes away from the scene. he even remembers questioning his dad about it later, and getting reprimanded about watching that happen. he remembers being told to not get involved with that crowd.

and then, he remembers forgetting all of it. it's as if some part of his mind accepted those words and then pushed them away to some hidden corner of his brain.

"do you?" yifan's voice brings joonmyun out of his thoughts.

looking yifan in the eyes, joonmyun whispers, "yes, yes i do."


Tags: rating:r, round:2014, warning:lapslock, warning:noncon, warning:violence
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